Armacost Lighting
Project Ideas

We’ll continue to offer new ideas and creative uses in this section, so please check back often. 

RibbonFlex Pro offers virtually limitless installation possibilities. Whether it’s a residential or commercial application or setting, any space will benefit from long-lasting, energy-efficient, beautiful, indirect accent lighting.

Use Custom Color RibbonFlex Pro RGB LED tape lighting and transform even the simplest of spaces into a spectacular setting.

Illuminate architectural elements or simply use under and over kitchen cabinets. Envision, create and enjoy
the places RibbonFlex Pro will take your imagination.

Ultra thin and compact, RibbonFlex Pro low voltage linear tape lighting works where other lighting simply can’t.

Use custom color RibbonFlex Pro RGB LED tape lighting to add a touch of drama to kitchens,
or create a relaxing setting with layers of LED up lighting above cabinets.