Armacost Lighting
LED dimmers for white LED lighting

Dim your LED lighting to suit your mood, and your surroundings, while saving energy and extending LED life. Depending on desired brightness, a 48-foot continuous length of RibbonFlex Pro (Model # RF3528060-12WWD) used with an Armacost Lighting 2-in-1 LED Dimmer will use between 10 and 55 watts.

LED Dimmer With RF Wireless Touchpad

The dimmer is also available in a wireless version with an RF (radio frequency) remote touchpad transmitter that can work through walls up to 100 feet away. Transmitter battery is included. With this model you can use the rotary knob dimmer receiver or the remote touchpad for 2-way switching and brightness control. You can also use multiple wireless controls in the same area. Two channel code options are available based on your needs and lighting configuration.

Unique channel: Allows each transmitter to independently switch and dim separate zones of LED tape lighting in the same building without cross interference.

Channeled alike: Allows each transmitter touchpad to control several dimming receivers in unison for expanded same zone lighting control.

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2-in-1 LED Dimmer

This unique white LED dimmer offers a patent-pending design that can be surface mounted or installed directly into a standard switch box. For use only with white or single color low voltage 12V DC LED lighting.

  • Smooth 0-100% full range dimming
  • Easy terminal block quick connections
  • Control up to 96 watts of 12V LED lighting

Download Installation Guidelines